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95.7 The Panther is continuously working to build relationships with sponsors for the station.

The station over the years has become an experienced and motivated internet-based rock and metal radio station that got its start in 2007. Through my volunteer efforts, I have gotten to know a great number of undiscovered independent artists including those who tour along with tons of fans. The Panther regularly attracts a great deal of media attention due to its music, its website and social media endeavors over the past ten years. i would like you to be a part of this continued growth and would be grateful of the support from your great company. Our #1 goal is to help indie and unsigned musicians get known to the music world – We do our part through airing and promoting their music worldwide. However, it’s not free to run an online radio station; it takes both time and money for license and service fees along with the time to maintain it.

Why Internet Radio?

Internet radio holds a clear sponsorship advantage: Internet radio listeners are only one click away from your website! Our audience is online and has browser windows open continuously while listening to its music streamed all around the world, driving traffic directly to your site through us. Our web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers. Their above average levels of purchase intentions make them an ideal demographic for any organization.

​What We Offer AND Why You Should Advertise With Us

The Panther streams 24 hours a day and offers sponsors complete control over the type of ad that is used, as well as creative on-air ads. We can work with you to produce a unique ad or you can use one that your company has already created. Streamed every hour, including on shows and remotes, will help you gain publicity and grow your brand. You’ll have name and logo recognition of your company featured on the station’s website home page and and advertised weekly on the station’s Facebook page at least twice a week. Your message will be able to reach hundreds of different households per month in addition to those in our email database!

To be a SPONSOR for 95.7 The Panther is COMPLETELY NEGOTIABLE and open to ANY business.

I am willing to help customize an exciting sponsorship that will meet your specific needs and budget. While any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated, here are some suggested donations and how they would help this organization grow:

1. $10/month would provide the station the ability to always stay on air with its coverage being licensed and copyright free to air the music that listeners want to hear.
2. $20/month would provide a station maintenance upgrade to our listeners and keep them tuned in.
3. $50/month would provide assistance in upgrading station equipment.
4. $100/month would provide help for increasing awareness and exposure of an independent artist

And so on, the list goes on and on. The above is just some general ideas to consider.

​Please contact us if you are considering a sponsorship package with The Panther.​